The Gousto Recipe Box

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Gousto Recipe Box
I am getting to that point in my life now where I need to start becoming more organised, I am going to be a mum in 15 weeks! That includes the food shopping and planning ahead for the week, so I remember to eat, as well as keeping bub well fed and not starving Matt all at the same time. I know there will be times that I'll be so tired that I will more than likely forget to eat or struggle to find the time to make a meal. I know Matt will be there to help on the evenings, but during the day it will be just me and my bambino (unless I have my mum or other family members helping me out).

I came across this recipe box from Gousto who were offering a 4 meal recipe box for 2 for 60% off  your very first box and then 30% off for the rest of the month on your next box. I only wanted to try the very first box, so I was able to give other recipe boxes a try and see which one was best value for money and which had the best quality ingredients. But with the 60% discount, I had to jump at the chance to try it for such a bargain offer!

Gousto Recipe Box
Gousto Recipe Box
Let's talk about initial first impressions when opening the box for the first time; you are greeted with the recipe cards of the meals that you pre-selected before the box is sent out. Gousto gives you a choice of several meals that are available for your selected delivery day. The recipe cards outline the ingredients that you will need for each meal (all ingredients are included within the box) and the method on how to make each one in terms of how long it will take to prep and cook. If you have any allergens, it also lets you know what allergen is in each of the ingredients, so you are able to find alternatives if you are able to or you can choose to leave it out altogether. It also includes ingredient amounts, so if you choose to recreate the recipe, you can adjust to how many people you are cooking for!

A nice little touch to the box is that they add a nice little surprise as a little extra. In the box that I received was a nice little branded wooden spoon that I pretty much use all of the time now, it is actually a really good utensil and comes in handy when cooking dinner! It now lives with the rest of my cooking utensils that I keep in my steel Ikea utensil holder. My definite go to utensil (is this what adulting has become?).

Gousto Recipe Box
Gousto Recipe Box
The meat that is selected for your meals are fresh on the day and they do each have their own best before date of when you need to use them by. Gousto aim to send you fresh UK sourced ingredients and ones of which are red tractor stamped, as you know you are going to be using and eating quality meat. The vegetables that are also included in the box are fresh on the day, which must be refrigerated on the day of arrival, to keep them fresh before creating your recipes! Each one is individually wrapped to keep up the level of freshness.

Gousto Recipe Box
The 'dry/wet ingredients', in terms of spices, herbs and sauces are put in a separate brown bag and are loose, so you are able to identify what it is that you're using! Most recipes only call for a small amount of the packaged spices and herbs in the box, so you will need to measure out what you need to use, so always handy to have some measuring spoons and scales on hand, just in case!

I found the portion sizes in this box were very overwhelming, I was worried that the portion sizes were going to be really small and wouldn't be enough to feed me, let alone my 6ft3 well built boyfriend! But they really were a force to be reckoned with, I was not only full I was satisfied, I could have quite easily cut my portion sizes by half... but with me being pregnant, I think that factored into my portion size! I may have found them overwhelming, but I see this as a positive as I find having too much rather than too little is not a bad thing, as there is always leftovers and everyone loves a good leftover meal.

Would I recommend Gousto? Most definitely, some of the subscription prices seem quite pricey, but in term of quality of ingredients and portion size, it makes every bite worth every penny and each portion size is very affordable, on each of the different subscription boxes available. You are never stuck in a subscription and you are able to pause/cancel at anytime! 

Gousto are currently offering 60% off your first box and 30% off all other boxes again. But there is only a day left to grab your offer, as it goes back down to 50% after then, which in all honesty is just as good! Grab one before they go!

*Disclaimer: I purchased the recipe box with my own money. All honest opinions, words and photographs are that of my own.

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