Five Date Night Ideas During COVID-19 Lockdown

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Five Date Night Ideas During COVID-19 Lockdown
Just because you are stuck indoors doesn’t mean that it is the be all and end all. It isn’t the end of the world that you are unable to go outside whenever you want to and it most definitely isn’t going to end up in divorce because you’re spending so much time together. Some may think that they will end up getting annoyed with their other halves when they have to spend so much time together, but really, I bet they love it!

It is only a temporary situation and life will go back to normal, so why not try and enjoy the the time together? Whilst it may seem daunting that you are typically going to be living in each others pockets quite literally, it is only for a short period of time, so why not use the time wisely to try and be creative with your 'date night' ideas, it does not have to be boring staying inside. You don't know how long it will be for, so may as well try make it fun.

Being inside together for so long can seem like it will get quite tedious and may get quite challenging as you will most likely feel you are doing the same thing, day in and day out. But you need to plan ahead and make sure you are breaking your day up right and mixing it up a little. It should help keep you motivated, keep your well being in check and to simply stop you from getting bored.

Fancy a trip to the Cinema?

It is quite obvious that a spontaneous trip to the cinema is off the cards for those of you who are film buff couples. But don't let that stop you from indulging in a film or two.

You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to watch some of your favourite movies or watching something new. Gone are the days where you would order two cinema tickets, some popcorn, a couple of drinks and maybe a cheeky packet of sweets and you'd end up £60 down within a matter of minutes. For those who enjoy going to the cinema, this idea is definitely for you.

Why not put together some of your own snacks? Get some popcorn in your 'essential' shop to whip up, with your favourite fizzy pop/drink and you could even buy nachos with dip to make the experience even better.

Plus you have all the films at your fingertips with having different apps available, such as Netlflix, Amazon Prime and there's even Disney+ to throw into the mix. Stick on a film, tuck into your snacks and forget the world for a while.

Ready... Steady... COOK!

With being in doors and everything quite literally at your fingertips, why not have a cook off with your other half? That's if you can both cook, of course! Try whipping up some of your favourite meals.

It doesn't have to be anything gourmet, if you are not a very confident cook you could always try and stick to simple dishes, even if it just just beans on toast. You could even make it come dine with me style and make 3 different dishes for each other to eat and then you have your own 3 course meal and you both have the chance to try something different from one another.

You could even choose the ingredients for each other and challenge one another to make something out of the ingredients chosen and see how creative both of you are. So, grab those foodie items and get cooking!

Have a relaxing Spa Day

When you actually want to book a day at the spa, it can be quite expensive and not everyone has that type of money to burn just to relax for one whole day or maybe even a weekend at most. You will find that you will have already got the tools to have your own spa day at home.

Those candles or wax melts that you haven't burned in a while and are collecting dust in a drawer somewhere, get them back out and burn your favourite scent, get an atmosphere going and create the right environment. You want to feel those relaxing vibes, so try a camomile or lavender scent as they can make you feel at ease too.

Take it in turns by giving each other massages, a great way to get intimate with one another and keep the spark going in the relationship!

Pull out those face masks from your bathroom cupboard, I know I have a couple that are suitable to all skin types too. You can even stick on your night gowns and slippers too for that all round spa feel. If you're going to have a spa day, you might as well do it properly?

Crack out those Card & Board Games

If you were able to get your hands on a couple of board games, before every man and his dog decided to panic buy all of them or you already had a couple stashed away in a cupboard somewhere - it's time to dig them back out again for rounds of fun!

An all time favourite has to be Monopoly, but you may want to think about that one carefully, as I've heard it's a bit of a relationship tester. But if you're anything like me... a simple game of Scrabble is right up my street.

You could even dust off those playing cards and having a few pub style card games. Pour yourself a beer or a glass of wine and challenge each other to a game of 3 of one and 4 of the other. Or you could just go play Go Fish. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Have a go at an Online Pub Quiz

Now that all the pubs have been shut down, the events that would have otherwise happened inside of the pub have now been bought online so you can take part from the comfort of your own home. If you're anything like me it would either be the living room or the bedroom, because there's nothing better than the comfort of your own bed.

Recently, pubs have took to Facebook to ask the residences of the area what theme quiz they would like to partake in. A few being TV series and throwing in General Knowledge, which I would probably better at than answering questions about a TV series I have never, ever seen.

So, what you choose to do, make sure you have fun whilst you're doing it! Remember, stay safe everyone! x
*Disclaimer: All honest opinions and words are that of my own. Image sourced from Unsplash.

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