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Friday, 27 March 2020

Mini First Aid
I have always wanted to take a First Aid course for as long as I can remember and even wanted to volunteer to become a First Aider at work. It is just something that I have always taken a keen interest in and wanted to learn as it can be very useful in everyday life situations. I knew that when I was pregnant with Zac I would definitely want to learn First Aid, but the courses were always too far away and with me not driving, I could not get there. 

So, when my lovely baby group leader at Tots Play told me she was holding Mini First Aid courses for Babies and Children, I grabbed the chance for me and Matt to take part. Luckily with Matt driving and the course being on the weekend, we were both able to attend and we had some friends take part with us too. We were told before hand that we were able to have our babies attend with us, but my mum offered to take Zac for a couple of hours, so we could concentrate if he got hungry/tired.

Mini First Aid
One of the main reasons for my keen interest in Mini First Aid for Babies and Children is for when I start Baby Led Weaning with Zac, which I won't be doing until he's 6 months old. But *touch wood* it doesn't happen, that if I was to encounter a choking situation, I would know what to do and be able to get him out of that situation as quickly and as safely as possible. Hopefully with BLW being finger sized foods, we won't have to use any of the techniques learned, but always good to have on hand and know.

You will leave the session with a mini sized First Aid book which will give you different instructions for different situations. As you can see above, there is a graph which shows what you should do in a coughing situation, depending on whether you have a baby or a toddler. Obviously, you can't encourage a cough with a baby, so you would just go straight into First Aid mode. We each tried these on the rescue dummies and each had a special outfit on which you could unclog a block in a throat and do the back thrusts without hurting yourself or anyone else.

The main subjects that were discussed during the course were: CPR, Burns, Bleeds, Shock, Choking, Meningitis, Febrile Seizures & Convulsions, Bumps and Broken bones. All of which I find are the most important to keep an eye out for in Babies and Children. Especially when looking out for signs and symptoms as they can typically be individual for the child, so always listen to your own gut instinct. I always say that mother knows her own child best.

Mini First Aid
Baby resuscitation is not something that you would really want to think about, but it is very handy to know and have to hand, if you were to need to use it. CPR and resuscitation is very different from Baby to Child and then to adult, you have to change the way you treat each patient, as you wouldn't use the same technique on a baby, as you would an adult as the pressure could cause a lot of damage, so there are small changes that you would need to learn. Each is described in more detail in the First Aid for Paediatrics.

I found the course to be very descriptive and in depth and I'm glad that I attended. The group was quite intimate and from what I can remember, including the group leader there was about 11 of us altogether in a room and we were seated around the edge, so there was enough room in the middle for the rescue dolls and equipment. There were tables laid out with information and leaflets, including First Aid Kits (which I will explain below), bump packs and First Aid Books. The course costs about £20 each and you can even learn First Aid from the comfort of your own living room, so why not book a course and get your family involved (luckily my mum is already trained in First Aid!).

Mini First Aid
At the end of the course, the group leader will offer you to buy First Aid kits to take home with you, which I was eyeing up during the course and always wanted to add one to the household because they will always come in handy! The contents of the kit is what every kit should ideally contain, which is hypo-allergenic plasters (for those with allergies!), Tough cut scissors - this one interest me most because they can cut through anything, including seat belts! Tweezers for those pesky splinters, Bandages and Safety pins for any sprains, breaks or bleeds with Sterile dressings. Individually wrapped wipes, Burns gel and Micro pore tape. All the essentials to take a long with you, just in case.

If you yourself are thinking of taking up a Mini First Aid course, I would fully recommend it. It doesn't mean that you are fully qualified in First Aid (although you can book a course to do this), you will have learned the absolute essentials to get by with your Babies and Children!

For more information about baby and child First Aid and range of classes, you can contact using the following:
Tel: 0113 293 5443
*Disclaimer: This is not a collaboration. the course and First Aid kit was purchased with my own money. All honest opinions, words and photographs are that of my own.

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