Amazon Wishlists - Random Acts Of Kindness

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Amazon Wishlists - Random Acts Of Kindness
Not so long ago, I came across a group on Facebook called Acts of Kindness UK (Amazon Wishlists). The aim of the group is to bring joy into peoples lives by using a random act of kindness and gifting someone at least one item from their wishlist, no matter how big or small. The aim is to give to someone, rather than posting to receive gifts, but if you do receive any gifts, then that is an absolute bonus for you! Ever since the Amazon Wishlist craze started it has gone absolutely viral everywhere. I have noticed an increased influx on Twitter and it's amazing to see so many people come together and spread joy into other peoples lives.

I have been gifted a few items off my wishlist already and always puts a smile on my face and I open up my post to some happy mail. The very first item I was gifted was a Garnier face mask and for something so small and simple, it did bring me joy that someone went out of their way with their own random act of kindness to put a smile on my face. From then on every now and again I have set myself a budget each month and I will pick a few people to gift items. I don't do it to receive a thank you, but in a way it makes me feel really good.
Just because someone has bought something from your list, you are under no obligation to buy them something back. People don't give to receive, that's the aim of the game.
  • Just because someone has bought something off your list, doesn't mean that you are obligated to buy anything back. Not everyone has the funds to return the favour to every single item they receive. The aim is to buy for other people, not to aim for getting as many gifts as you can. As nice it is to receive items from your wishlist, the end game is to bring joy to others.
  • Please add your delivery address to your wishlist. I tried to send someone an item as a little surprise gift, but because their delivery address was not attached, I had to let them know before I purchased the gift for them. It kind of ruins the surprise element of it. You can add your address in the settings, pretty simple stuff.
  • I found at the start I was just adding items willy nilly (before I joined the group and shared my link). I didn't really have a need for a wishlist. But now I just add items I know I will use and appreciate, but nothing too over the top. Unless you want to buy me a brand new Macbook?
  •  The more cheaper items you have on your list, the likelihood someone will buy this for you. Not everyone has the money to buy everyone an £8 item all the time. So try mix it up a bit with some more affordable products. Keep in mind peoples different spending.
If you are going to share your link with others, make sure that you are going to return the favour to at least one other person. Although noted above it says not to feel obligated to buy someone else something, it is only fair that you buy someone at least something. Then you are not coming across as a bit of a beg looking for people to buy you stuff. My link is here, don't feel like you have to get me anything, but feel free to take a look for a bit of inspo!

Please leave me your amazon links below if you would like and let people check yours out too!
*Disclaimer: This has no affiliation with Amazon. All honest opinions and words are that of my own. Image sourced from Pixabay.

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