Entertaining Your Babies From Home

Friday, 10 April 2020

Entertaining Your Babies From HomeThere is a lot of parents out there who are at home, either currently on maternity leave as first time parents, have been furloughed from work temporarily, on their day off from being a key worker or are a full time stay at home mum/home maker. Some parents would have joined baby groups and classes, to keep their little ones entertained and to help with their babies development. Some have joined for the social aspect, to make new friends and just to simply get themselves and their babes out of the house. But, what happens when that gets taken away all of a sudden?

Well, luckily with the internet quite literally at our fingertips, we are able to stay connected and the entertainment can be bought to you from the comfort of your own home. All you will need is an iPhone with wifi and is camera/microphone enabled, an iPad, tablet, laptop or computer again, with webcam enabled. A lot of baby groups and classes are now coming online, so you are able to still socialise with those mums you saw every week and with the babes your little one attended with. All thanks to the Zoom application bringing people together.

Entertaining Your Babies From HomeMe and my son Zac attend a local group called Tots Play, we originally joined when he was only a few weeks old. The class we first started out at was Baby Development, which is designed for babies from birth to 6 months old. I was thinking of joining a baby group when I was pregnant with Zac and I had attended one prior with my cousin and thought it was a fab little group to join for play and development. The Baby Development course is 6 weeks long (one class per week) and you get a workbook, free music download and a bottle of organic massage oil.

The course that we are currently doing is Discovery Tots which is designed for babies from 8 weeks to crawling, but there is no added extras to this course. Quite a few mums are a part of this class, which I think is fab because you get to meet new mums and your little one gets to make new friends! Even if it is online, you can still see each other and interact. Luckily I am in a Whatsapp group with the OG's and we check in on each other every now and again and see how the babes are doing.

Entertaining Your Babies From HomeNow that the classes are online, no one gets to miss out on what they had already paid for! They can still attend group and all from the comfort of their own home. If you have wifi, a means of watching your group leader and sound to listen to the music, then fab online groups are definitely for you! Your babes can watch all the fun going on, as well as enjoying the music. They are also learning with their development which includes baby sign language (I find this one quite interesting), there is also dance, exercise, baby yoga, massage and ending with downtime.

As you can see, this is my setup everytime we join in with Baby Development. I'm quite lucky to have large living room space, so there is plenty of room for play, dance and moving around (which there can be a lot of, groups are fun!). We use Zacs styrofoam mat as he has his own little play area in the living room and I use the coffee table to put the laptop on and make sure we're in view and we can see the screen and see all of the other mummies and babies.

This week it was Easter themed, so Peter Rabbit joined us for some fun. Couldn't get the musical instruments out as little man was feeding half way through, we did however get to join in on an Easter egg hunt, as I had hidden Easter eggs all around the living room for Zac to find and then popped them into Georgies Easter basket! Quite a fun class, from what we joined in of anyways.

Entertaining Your Babies From HomeThis is how Zac tends to end up after nearly every class, it not only teaches them different skills for their development, but it is also fab for nap time too and sends them to sleep. It really tires them out, so Zac finished off with a snooze in his Sleepyhead (one of the best purchases).

So, with all the uncertainty going on at the moment and most of the baby groups going online, why don't you give one a go? Some groups will let you pay a one time fee to try a group out before you join in altogether, just to give you a taste of what it will be like and if it's something you would like for you and baby. I definitely recommend doing the baby groups online, Zac loves them and I look forward to them each week. I have even joined another online group to break the week up nicely and also gives us a bit of routine to our week.

Are you thinking about joining a group online or has your group already moved online and are you loving it and enjoying the experience? I fully recommend it, if it is something your baby will enjoy and thrive from. Even if it isn't online and you can attend face to face, my opinion is still the same.
*Disclaimer: This is not a collaboration. The course was purchased with my own money. All honest opinions, words and photographs are that of my own.

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