Just A Little Life Update.

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Just A Little Life Update.If you had not already noticed by now, I have now joined the journey of Motherhood! My little boy was born Zac Arthur Gilbey on 23rd November 2019 at 11:59 am born 6lb 8oz and he was the most perfect bundle of joy to enter this earth. I will be posting my labour story on another post, but you can read all about my pregnancy.
There ain't no hood, quite like Motherhood
I cannot believe that my Son Zac is going to be 5 months old a week today. People were right when they told me it was going to fly by. I thought that the first two trimesters of my pregnancy went fast! But no, the first parts of Zacs' life have gone fast and he needs to stop growing up before his mama's eyes. I got quite emotional over him the other day, the little things that he does and my hormones make me quite a sensitive person. I had to cuddle him straight after because it always manages to cheer mummy up without fail. I can always count on Zac to lift my mood.

I had started my blog again previously when I found out I was pregnant and planned on writing content based on Lifestyle and Parenting. My first post is the announcement of my pregnancy and was hoping to post more! But, as my pregnancy progressed, I was just too exhausted to do anything and with the plethora of ailments that I had suffered from during pregnancy, I didn't have the head space or the energy to carry on with posting, so the blog has taken a bit of a back burner for the moment, but now I plan on trying to post more consistently.

Now that Zac is turning 5 months old soon, I've found that I have a bit more time to do things around the flat and having time for both myself and my boyfriend Matt. Although having a baby does take up the majority of your life I won't lie, I am very lucky to have a child that is generally very happy, thriving, loves his food and has slept through the night since he was 3 months old (Zac suffered with colic and reflux since he was born), but he soon grew out of that and now pretty much is a very happy and smiley baby!

Just A Little Life UpdateBeing a parent kind of hits you like a ton of bricks. You are very excited to meet this bundle of love but you really don't know what to expect either. You get people telling you that newborn life is the easiest and having a toddler is really hard, but everyone's situation is very different and personally I found newborn life very hard, I ended up with post partum blues for the first couple of weeks and I really wasn't myself. I kind of wish I didn't let anyone visit until those 2 weeks had past and felt forced to have people round as they were constantly asking to see Zac. I didn't suffer with postnatal depression, as with help from family I quickly felt like myself again and could start enjoying parenthood. The lack of sleep was a killer.

We are now settled into our little routine both as just me and Zac and including being a family, as being in isolation, we've got all the time in the world to appreciate one another and watch Zac grow into the lovely little boy that he is progressing into. He is hitting his milestones very nicely and I couldn't be anymore prouder. He is inspiring a lot of ideas for my parenting content that I want to add to the blog and hoping it'll be of interest to my readers too.

I'm hoping to be a bit more consistent with content, but can't say that will be the case due to having other commitments such as my son! There will still be days where I will sit down with a coffee and start to write and little boy will start crying. As I write this it is nearly the end of his nap, so I'll more than likely be changing nappies and having a play!

But until next time, everyone stay safe x

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  1. Zac is gorgeous 😊 I am not a mother yet, but I love reading people's experiences. I'm glad he is doing well and you are settling in to motherhood. Just blog when you feel you can and enjoy every precious moment with your son and family. It is nice to see you blogging again though 😊 Hope you are doing well, stay safe x


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