Teething With Matchstick Monkey

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Teething With Matchstick MonkeyMy son seems to be teething like mad at the moment and I have noticed that his gums are really bumpy and it does look like teeth are about to erupt and look rather uncomfortable. You can just see the teeth resting on the surface of the gums and they definitely look as if they are causing a degree of discomfort in there. The way that he gnaws at his hands or chews on his toys is definitely a dead giveaway. He's a stickler for chewing on things anyways, but when it gets to the point that he's really hammering them gums down, you know those little tooth pegs wants to make an appearance. 

Inbetween teething gels, teething crystals, and the odd dose of Calpol for when he's really in pain I have introduced teething toys for him to get his 'teeth' into. One that I found very helpful is the Matchstick Monkey, he has both the Original Teething Toy and the Mini Monkey Teether, depending on what mood he is in. Definitely a firm favourite in-between Sophia the Giraffe, the Trumpet and his Icy Car Keys, so little teeth but so many teethers?! 

Matchstick Monkey is a monkey that comes in a large variety of bright colours, sizes and even animal type. You can now get a Lion or Bear teether, depending on what your little one likes! It may be the teething you'll find your little one reaching for as they go through their own little teary-eyed teething days. They are ergonomically designed for your little one's hands, so they are easy to grab and hold on to which is also fab for your babies motor skills development and to take on the go when needed.

Teething With Matchstick Monkey
The Matchstick Monkey teether is:
FDA approved food-grade silicone and BPA free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly,  so you definitely know it is going to be safe to go into the mouth of your little one without worrying that they will be ingesting something they shouldn't be. 

Ergonomically designed for your little one's motor skills development from an early age, my little one definitely loves to grab things which he gets better at each passing day. It is lightweight and easy for little hands to hold, so perfect to use at home and on the go. 

The teether is flexible and gentle on little gums, with added bumps on the monkeys head to help massage those gums gently and ease the pain that comes with teething, the bumps also cling onto the teething gels that can be applied safely and hygienically, even to hard to reach molars.

It can be used as a pre-training toothbrush, as your baby moves the teething toy around their mouth, it is teaching them the skills to get used to brushing their teeth as they grow up and they know to brush their teeth every day when they're toddlers.

The bonus is that it is both dishwasher safe and fridge friendly. It is also suitable for putting in the freezer, although this is not recommended  by the NHS, but is down to the individual. No judgement from me anyways with what you choose to do.

Suitable for both steam and cold water sterilisation, although you can just run a Milton wipe over it and it would pretty much do the same job. But would definitely recommend sterilising when they are young.

Is it affordable?

They are not exactly a budget buy but I wouldn't say they were completely expensive either as there is a large range of products at different prices to suit everybody's budgets and needs. It is something I would reach for more over than the rest of my sons teething toys and he loves Sophia, but Matchstick Monkey has a lot that Sophia can't offer in terms of comfort and pain relief. The prices can range between anything from £4.99 to £14.99, depending on what age and type of teether it is that you require.

Does it do the job?

Most definitely, whenever I give Matchstick Monkey to my son is gnaws at it like there is no tomorrow and he feels quite content doing so. I'll apply a little teething gel on the head for him to rub around his gums, with a mix of giving teething crystals too just for that little bit of extra comfort on his gums. He tends to look quite happy and relaxed afterwards, so would 100% recommend.

Why Matchstick Monkey over other brands?

Matchstick Monkey tends to be the teether that my son enjoys most. He has a plethora of other teething toys as mentioned above, but they don't have the detail and pain relief capabilities as Matchstick Monkey does. They do have somewhat of temporary relief, but only for a short time and don't have the same coating that stops the build-up of bacteria, making it more hygienic than other teethers.

Do you use Matchstick Monkey for your little ones? If not, what is your go-to teether for pain relief?

*Disclaimer: This is not a collaboration. All honest opinions, words and photographs are that of my own.

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