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PR/Gifted Items
If any items have been sent to me in consideration for a review, I will mark the items as such accordingly. Please note that any gifted items sent to me will not guarantee exposure on my blog, so please don't assume otherwise. If you send me an item in consideration for a review, please contact me before hand to let me know.
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Any sponsored/paid for collaborations that appear on the blog will be clearly stated within the title of the blog post and declared at the bottom of the post for clarification, marked with *Disclaimer. I will also link to my disclaimer page.
I will honestly only 100% recommend products/items that I would genuinely use myself. I would never accept a product to review if it isn't something that I would use. If I use a product and it doesn't work for me, I will either state reasons why or choose for it to not appear on the blog.

Skincare: I will only review products to my skin type and know that it will not work for everyone's skin. Please take into account your own skin type and allergies before purchasing a product based on my review.
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Some Last Little Bits...
- I will only accept a product/item if it is something I would rave about and would honestly recommend. Please do not be offended if I don't accept your offer of a free item / product for exposure on my blog.

- I will always be 100% transparent in my reviews and my thoughts and opinions will always be honest. I would much rather have a reputation of being totally honest, than a liar.

- Please do not ask me to use follow links on my posts. Any links that are for paid for content, gifted items, sponsored content, etc will always be no-follow links.

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